SmackDown Results: The Great White overcame Orton, only to suffer The Viper's venomous bite

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May 18, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk interrupted General Manager John Laurinaitis

HERSHEY, Pa. – With just two days before the epic Fatal 4-Way World Title showdown at WWE Over the Limit, a match between World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Randy Orton – scheduled by Executive Administrator Eve via Twitter on Monday – became SmackDown’s explosive main event. While The Great White would reign supreme in the monumental battle, The Viper may very well have set himself up to win the war.

On the May 14 episode of Raw SuperShow, the WWE Board of Directors handed down a surprising series of mandates to the permanent General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, John Laurinaitis: His match against John Cena at WWE Over the Limit would be one-on-one, if anyone helped him, they would be terminated and if "Big Johnny" lost, he would also be terminated! (MATCH PREVIEW)

As a result, the WWE Universe got to see a whole different side of the GM at the start of Friday night’s SmackDown. A humbled “Mr. Excitement” claimed that, because of the Board’s ruling, his looming battle against the 10-time WWE Champion was like “leading a lamb to slaughter.” He went on to ask the WWE Universe to pray for him in his “lopsided” match.

CM Punk interrupted Laurinaitis’ prayer with a smile on his face, informing the despondent head honcho that the WWE Universe will be “partying in the streets” after he loses Sunday and that he’d personally wish the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations “best of luck in his future endeavors!”

Reminding The Second City Saint that he’s still in charge, Laurinaitis scheduled a match between Punk and the monstrous Kane for later in the show. Then, in a shocking display of fury, the GM blamed the WWE Universe for the actions of Superstars like Punk and Cena, insisting that they all "go to hell!"

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