Why hasn't The Shield been beaten yet?

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May 02, 2013

One will sacrifice for the good of the group

Part of being a cohesive unit is to put the unit itself above individual ambition, and The Shield have uniformly taken individual hits for the sake of the cause. Rollins was the first Shield member to receive a singles contest — against Big Show — and he willingly suffered a disqualification loss in his WWE debut (typically that’s one night you want to win) so The Shield could make an example of the giant. Same for Ambrose, who lost to The Undertaker but in the process left him vulnerable to attack from Rollins & Reigns.

They’ll display similar disregard for personal well-being in their matches as well: If there’s some ludicrous risk to be taken, there’s a strong chance Rollins will take it (in the process of putting Ryback through a table at WWE TLC, the former NXT Champion took a nasty spill through the lumber as well). Ambrose’s affinity for absorbing punishment gives Rollins & Reigns a chance to recover; Reigns’ power is often the final stroke of a Shield victory, and Rollins’ ability to get under someone’s skin (see his fearless baiting of The Undertaker) can drive an opponent into a mindless froth.

What makes The Shield so dangerous, really, beyond all this, is the fact that they have no qualms with the means and methods they’ve employed. They are committed to their mission with feverish intensity and unwavering devotion, and there is no man they fear enough to abandon that calling. Beyond the maneuvers, the mind games and the creepy videotaped messages, the scariest and most effective thing about The Shield is that they, above all others, believe in themselves.

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