Why hasn't The Shield been beaten yet?

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May 02, 2013

They work cohesively

It’s been a long time since WWE has seen a faction that works as seamlessly together as The Shield does. Whether it’s a random act of unkindness to an unsuspecting Superstar or an officially sanctioned match, Ambrose, Rollins & Reigns are so in tune at this point that almost no verbal communication is necessary. They trust each other implicitly and wholeheartedly to put the group in the best position to accomplish its goals.

Photos of The Shield's debut match | Dean vs. The Deadman

During their attack of The Undertaker last week on SmackDown, The Deadman — already winded from battling Ambrose, who sapped Undertaker of his energy and set up the carnage to follow — had Rollins set up for a chokeslam off the guardrail, but in so doing he’d exposed his blind side to attack. Before he could hoist Rollins skyward, Reigns cut the unsuspecting Phenom down with a spear and Rollins simply leaped over the carnage, having played his part to perfection and set The Last Outlaw up for annihilation in the process. Sometimes victory — however you define it — is a simple matter of Xs and Os, and The Shield know that better than anyone.

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