The Wyatt Family and groups who took over WWE

You wanna hear something really scary?

WWE is under attack from within, and not for the first time. Every so often, the proverbial winds of change strike sports-entertainment and a group of individuals rises to challenge the system, shake up the status quo and obliterate anyone who stands in its path. It’s a tale as old as the ring itself, and it’s happening once again before the very eyes of the WWE Universe.

Witness The Wyatts' debut | Enter The Family's world

The current scourge sweeping its way through the WWE locker room comes in the three-headed guise of The Wyatt Family, who has laid waste to several of the WWE Universe’s chosen heroes — CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Kofi Kingston and The Miz — all at the apparent behest of some unnamed “Devil.” While The Eater of Worlds and his dead-eyed acolytes continue their mysterious vendetta, takes a look back at previous groups who upended the world of WWE.