The Shield joins the top 5 WWE Tag Team Title reigns of all time

Sierra, Hotel, India … The Shield has muscled its way into WWE history. The formidable pair of Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns – two-thirds of the guerilla unit that has laid WWE to waste for nearly a year – officially crossed into the top five longest WWE Tag Team Championship reigns this weekend when they notched Day 147 with the titles, dispatching The Hart Dynasty and Air Boom to the confines of a No. 6 tie. The Shield’s time-tested combination of in-ring strategy and pure, brutal efficiency more than earned them their current spot on the all-time list, but as ever in WWE, the hard work is just beginning.

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Even though they’re firmly ensconced on the all-time list – and with no end in sight to their current stint as champions – Rollins & Reigns’ path to No. 1 runs through the reigns of four other teams, all of whom were world-beaters in their own right. From bickersome buddies to curious conquerors, counts down the rest of the top 5 that The Shield must crack in order to reach that elusive No. 1 spot. So, on behalf of, congratulations to Rollins & Reigns, and good luck, you’re going to need it.

(P.S.: You won’t believe who’s No. 1.)