10 Superstars who put the 'W' in WWE

Last Monday, Antonio Cesaro continued his roaring rampage of revenge by Neutralizing Zack Ryder into a splatter and proclaiming that he was the kind of competitor who puts the “W” in WWE. As in, “Wrestling.” Old-school, down-and-dirty, carny-rumblin’ wrestling (though, to be fair, since he does speak five languages, Cesaro probably qualifies for the “World” W as well). Easy as it is to nitpick at the egotistical ramblings of recently dethroned champions, it’s honestly tough in this case to disagree with The Swiss Superman’s sermon.

Ten titanic NWA/WCW TV Champions Relive Cesaro's mighty reign

With his brutal strength and technical precision, Cesaro is nothing if not a throwback to a bygone era of technical grappling and he’s certainly not alone in this characterization. While WWE has become known these days for the superhuman statue of its competitors, there are a few like Cesaro who go about their business in a decidedly old-fashioned way. These are ten of the throwback Superstars (and one Diva) from the WWE locker room, a unique blend of seasoned competitors and newcomers, seeking to bring the roots of amateur wrestling and sports-entertainment into the future. Try lacing up their boots … if you dare.

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