WWE Raw SuperShow results: Big Show knocked out Mr. McMahon!

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June 11, 2012

Big Show knocked out Mr. McMahon!


Flanked by burly security guards, Mr. McMahon stood in the ring to give John Laurinaitis his walking papers. Stating his case, Big Johnny urged The Chairman to do the right thing and allow him to continue his “People Power” quest.

As the boss appeared poised to fire the GM, Big Show emerged and made his way to the ring to confront Mr. McMahon about how he personally guided Big Show’s career through the years. As The World’s Largest Athlete declared that McMahon’s “golden goose” would get his feathers plucked at No Way Out, Cena charged into the arena to have his say on things.

After calling Show to task for his desire to finally be a “giant,” Cena said if Show can’t beat him at No Way Out, there will be nobody left to blame but himself.

Then after Mr. McMahon revealed he will be at ringside at No Way Out – and would potentially utter his two famous words  if Cena was victorious – chaos ensued when Show grabbed Cena by the throat. As McMahon’s security tried to restore order, the Cenation leader pursued Show into the corner. As the two mixed it up, The World’s Largest Athlete took a swing at Cena, but connected with Mr. McMahon instead! After Johnny and Show left the ring, Cena could only look on in shock as a WWE official tended to The Chairman.

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