WWE Champion CM Punk def. Kane and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match

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June 18, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD N.J. — Before WWE Champion CM Punk took to the ring to face Kane and Daniel Bryan, he received a little good-luck kiss on the cheek from AJ, to which The Straight Edge Superstar replied: "Luck is for losers."

Punk didn't need any "luck" to become the longest-reigning WWE Champion in five years, but some mind games and a timely distraction from the ever-unpredictable Diva certainly helped his cause.

AJ's presence was felt before the battle even took place when she planted a kiss on her ex-boyfriend's cheek and admitted she still wasn't over him, and later shared a long, passionate kiss with The Big Red Monster – their second stunning kiss in a matter of days. But as the Triple Threat Match got underway, AJ was curiously nowhere to be found, only an electric crowd anticipating what turned out to be a tremendous back-and-forth clash. (PHOTOS)

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