WWE Raw SuperShow results: Big Show knocked out Mr. McMahon!

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June 11, 2012

HARTFORD, Conn. – On an action-packed three-hour Raw SuperShow, Big Show knocked out Mr. McMahon, former Raw Superstar Vader returned to compete in a match, and AJ planted a sensual kiss on The Big Red Monster Kane! (MR. MCMAHON VIDEO PLAYLIST)

John Laurinaitis faced firing by Mr. McMahon (PHOTOS)
Raw SuperShow got off to a fiery start as Mr. McMahon pulled no punches when it comes to dealing with SmackDown and Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis. Despite doing his best to convince Mr. McMahon that his “People Power” managing style has been a success, the boss was not impressed.

After Mr. McMahon chastised Big Johnny for how he handled the contracts of Brock Lesnar and Big Show, Laurinaitis declared Big Show would prove him right when he takes care of business against John Cena at No Way Out.

As Laurinaitis continued to attempt to defend his very worth, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus came to the ring to offer his take on the GM. During the discussion, Mr. McMahon pointed out that #FireJohnny was trending worldwide on Twitter.

Next, after the World Heavyweight Champion urged Mr. McMahon to fire Laurinaitis, the GM was furious for being disrespected and declared he’d find an opponent The Celtic Warrior would be sorry about.

“It better be a really good opponent … and every match tonight better be very, very impressive,” said Mr. McMahon.  “And if you don’t impress me by the end of the night, you’re going to hear these two words: You’re fired!”

After the threatening words, Mr. McMahon rode away on Johnny’s motorized scooter and launched it off the entrance ramp onto the arena floor! (WATCH)

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