Candice Michelle def. Melina (Pudding Match)

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June 03, 2007

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Things got quite messy at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena once the fired-up (and not to mention extremely delicious) Candice Michelle got her hands on the Women's Champion Melina in a non- title Pudding Match. Unfortunately for the Women's Champion, this Pudding Match was no special treat. 

For the past few weeks, Candice has been on a hot winning streak, proving that she's not just another pretty face and should be the next Women's Champion. By pinning the very confident A-lister for the third time in a non-title match, perhaps Melina really isn't the most dominant Diva that she claims to be.

Watching the curvaceous vixens smothered in a 1000-gallon tub of pudding and 100 gallons of whipped cream wasn't the sweetest dish served on the smorgasbord though.

Maria (still hot from her previous kiss with Candice) came out to congratulate her new friend on her victory, which caused a very unhappy Melina to throw her into the mix for an even richer chocolate decadence for our WWE fans to indulge in.

With scoring yet another victory over the Women's Champion, will Candice Michelle be the No. 1 contender for the Women's Championship? After another defeat, has Melina lost her appetite as Women's Champion? Tune into Raw Monday night to find out!

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