Bobby Lashley def. ECW World Champion Mr. McMahon (Street Fight; new champion)

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June 03, 2007

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Bobby Lashley clutched the ECW World Title and caressed it against his sweaty brow as the crowd at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena roared. He held the ECW World Title for everyone -- especially Mr. McMahon -- to see. A wave of relief washed over his face as he finally regained his cherished title from the Chairman in a Street Fight, and exorcised months of humiliation and demoralization at the hands of the diabolical WWE tyrant.

On the surface, it appeared that a Street Fight overwhelmingly favored Lashley. After all, the powerhouse had the opportunity to finally get his hands on McMahon and beat him mercilessly without fear of disqualification.

But the Chairman -- as he showed in his defeat of Lashley for the ECW World Title at Backlash and then his robbing him of the title two weeks ago at Judgment Day -- stopped at nothing to keep the Land of the Extreme's crown jewel out of the former Army sergeant's hands. McMahon believed he had lured Lashley into a false sense of security -- and outwitted him, as he has for several weeks -- by agreeing to face him in a Street Fight. For the Chairman, Street Fight rules meant that he could use his son Shane and Umaga to his heart's content to try to leave One Night Stand with the ECW World Title. And he did -- Mr. McMahon smirked as he sauntered out to the ring flanked by Shane O'Mac and the Samoan Bulldozer.

But the ever-resilient Lashley would not be denied tonight. Spurred on by months of torment and the thousands of fans chanting "Bobby, Bobby," he endured everything Mr. McMahon threw at him. At times, the war resembled a 3-on-1 Handicap Match more than a straight-up Street Fight. Lashley withstood a furious assault from Umaga and Shane, despite attempts to dispose of them early in the match. Lashley appeared to have Mr. McMahon pinned after he repeatedly hit him with a steel chair to his head and back. But Umaga saved the Chairman and set Lashley up for an awe-inspiring flying elbow from Shane through the announcers' table outside the ring that elicited "Holy S***!" chants from our fans.

However, Lashley refused to stay down. Held by Umaga, he managed to evade a Coast-to-Coast from Shane. Once Lashley disposed of the Samoan Bulldozer and Shane O'Mac, he focused on the cowering Chairman. Mr. McMahon's eyes bulged in disbelief -- maybe he sensed the inevitable; maybe he remembered that he had a premonition before the match that something "bad" was going to happen to him. One spear later from Lashley, that premonition was realized, to our fans' delight.

Lashley pumped his fists in the air and roared, pointing to the crowd and thanking them for all their support during his months and months of hell. He left Mr. McMahon unconscious with one more spear for good measure. Lashley stood over the Chairman and looked at the ECW Title. He was once again ECW World Champion, and honor was restored once again to the Land of the Extreme.

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