CM Punk, Sandman & Tommy Dreamer def. Elijah Burke, Matt Striker & Marcus Cor Von (Tables Match)

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June 03, 2007

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When CM Punk used Matt Striker as a weapon to drive Elijah Burke through the table, the New Breed may have lost more than a match.

At the end of the Six-Man Tag Team Tables Match, which requires a Superstar to put any member of the opposing team through a table in order to win, CM Punk managed to apply a suplex off of the turnbuckle to the Extreme Educator, bringing him down on a table that already had Elijah Burke lying across. The maneuver brought a win to Punk along with ECW Originals Sandman & Tommy Dreamer.

"I got to put Elijah and Striker through a table, and I can't think of a better ending than that," CM Punk said after the match.

This loss couldn't have come at a worse time for the New Breed. Despite winning a No Disqualification Match on ECW on Sci Fi just days prior, Elijah Burke has been struggling with arch rival CM Punk. The Straightedge Superstar has continuously gotten the better of the self-proclaimed "Guiding Light" ever since he turned on Burke and quit the New Breed.

"It's good to be one-up on the New Breed every single chance we get," Punk said.

The Originals were in their element as Dreamer brought his undying passion and Sandman got to use his trademark Singapore cane to weaken Burke, Striker & Marcus Cor Von.

The remaining three members of the faction have been experiencing internal struggles, as well. Burke has frequently voiced his frustration with Striker; getting hit with the teacher as a weapon to lose the match could not have helped the situation. Between that and being hunted by Punk, the "Guiding Light" has seen brighter days.

"Beating the New Breed seems to be becoming a habit," said Punk, "but it's a healthy habit."

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