World Tag Team Champions The Hardys def. The World's Greatest Tag Team (Ladder Match)

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June 03, 2007

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It appears the so-called World's Greatest Tag Team aren't quite ready to scale the same heights of tandem greatness as The Hardys. Matt & Jeff retained their World Tag Team Titles in a wild Ladder Match triumph over Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas at One Night Stand.

Make no mistake—both sides were more than up to the Extreme Rules challenge posed by Sunday night's Tag Team Ladder Match, in which victory could only be achieved by climbing the top of a ladder and removing the World Tag Team Titles suspended high above the ring. But when it comes to any type of Ladder Match, just about everyone comes up a bit short against The Hardys.

Matt & Jeff utilized their rung expertise early in the contest, catching Haas & Benjamin in an unfortunate multi-ladder sandwich in the corner, then later double-hiptossing each of them onto a pair of unforgiving metal structures. But The World's Greatest Tag Team would not let the champions simply climb up and claim victory; if anything, their own life-and-limb maneuvers forced Matt & Jeff to resort to such extremes—something that critics of The Hardys sometimes claim leads to their rare downfalls.

Thankfully for The Hardys, that wasn't the case tonight, especially with the sold-out crowd in Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena completely behind their every step. Though all four participants crashed and burned at numerous points throughout the match, Matt & Jeff ultimately rallied together to dislodge The World's Greatest Tag Team off their final ladder climb of the night. The brothers then slowly ascended atop their own ladder and grabbed the World Tag Team gold, cringing from the pain as they held their cherished prize up high for our impressed fans to applaud.

The Tag Team Ladder Match may be over, but the hostilities between the battered and bruised tandems clearly remains. As both The Hardys and The World's Greatest Tag Team were treated for their wounds in the training room, the four Superstars were still healthy enough to start trading verbal barbs and punches. It took a slew of WWE officials and personnel to race in and break up the fight, leaving our fans to wonder what's going to stop these teams from going at each other's throats again sooner rather than later.

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