Ric Flair def. Mr. Kennedy

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February 17, 2008

LAS VEGAS - The Ric Flair Express just keeps on rollin'. Despite having Mr. Kennedy, one of WWE's brightest young Superstars, determined to derail the 16-time World Champion's career at No Way Out, Flair once again managed to prevail.

Hobbled by a serious knee injury, the "Nature Boy" proved dogged in his desire to live another day. The man who has already survived Career Threatening Matches against Randy Orton, Umaga, Triple H, William Regal and MVP would not be intimidated by Kennedy, who offered his opponent an opportunity the week prior to forfeit their match. "Naitch" informed the loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis., in no uncertain terms, that not only was he prepared to fight, but he was ready to win.

But Kennedy sent a message of his own with a dropkick to Flair's injured leg, showing him that he wouldn't hesitate to maim the legend if it meant ending his career and forever etching his own name in history.

So, in many ways, sports-entertainment's past and future fought for history at No Way Out. The two verbose warriors put on a clinic in Grade A, solid wrestling. After a brutal back and forth, however, the 16-time World Champion captured Kennedy in a Figure-Four Leglock. In a heaping of poetic justice, Flair tightened the screws on Kennedy's knee and forced the loudmouth to tap out for the career-saving win. 

Flair realizes that one day he will be forced to retire, to close the book on a storied career. For now, though, the legendary Superstar continues to style and profile and has earned the right to WOOO! another day.  (PHOTOS)

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