World Heavyweight Champion Edge def. Rey Mysterio

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February 17, 2008

LAS VEGAS -- It was a telltale hour for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out. Within sixty minutes of witnessing The Phenom's triumph in a grisly Elimination Chamber Match, the Ultimate Opportunist capitalized on an injured Rey Mysterio to retain the gold and form an ample WrestleMania-based knot in his Rated-R gut.

Before Edge stepped into the Vegas arena to play his hand against Mysterio, the champion watched from his locker room suite as Undertaker emerged from enclosed brutality against five other top contenders. Still, even with the freshly formed shadow of a specter lingering in his psyche, the Ultimate Opportunist still maintained a significant advantage.

Heading into No Way Out, the odds in Sin City were in Edge's favor, as his challenger suffered an apparent biceps injury at the hands of Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins at an international live event. Intent on recapturing the World Title, Mysterio -- once again the underdog -- was determined to compete against the Rated-R Superstar to not only conclude their personal rivalry, but to also reclaim the gold.

Another factor to be considered: Just days earlier on SmackDown, General Manager Vickie Guerrero took the raw end of a West Coast Pop intended for her newly enfianced lover, Edge. The diamond ring-bearing GM's absence allowed Theodore Long to step in and render a decision to bar Hawkins & Ryder from ringside for the title match, thus, balancing the odds for the challenger.

Battling through this excess of external factors, the Master of the 619 still managed to come within inches of reliving his golden dream. From bell to bell, the masked Superstar fought hard and flew high, essentially one-armed -- which Edge shrewdly prepared for and used to gain the upper hand.

The champion focused his attack on the vulnerable biceps of Mysterio, his arm's covered bruising acting as a blackened target. The Rated-R Superstar sustained a 619, but quickly recovered as a pained Rey recollected himself. And, just as he snared the World Heavyweight Title at Armageddon, then slipped past Mysterio at Royal Rumble, Edge seized the opportunity for a spear and found his way to victory at No Way Out.

Leaving Mysterio clutching his injured -- and potentially worsened -- right bicep, the Ultimate Opportunist fled clasping his title and nearly bumped right into the returning Big Show. Edge avoided any confrontation with the massive Superstar, but the same could not be said for Mysterio or Rey's close friend, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Read full story...

But though he may have eluded one giant, a towering Phenom now awaits the Rated-R Superstar at WrestleMania XXIV.

The Deadman has pursued the World Heavyweight Title since May 8, 2007 -- an evening on which infamy was defined by Edge's opportunistic championship seizure. That night, the Ultimate Opportunist moniker was born as Edge cashed in Money in the Bank (which he seized from Mr. Kennedy) at the most inopportune moment for Undertaker. Minutes after The Phenom's Steel Cage encounter with Batista and a savage assault by Mark Henry, the Rated-R Superstar stole the gold from the war-torn Deadman.

More than one year later, sports-entertainment proves life to be cyclical, as Edge will now meet Undertaker, who boasts a 16-0 undefeated streak at WrestleMania. Can even the most ideal opportunity keep the World Heavyweight Title around the Rated-R Superstar's waist? Or will the Ultimate Opportunist find the angle he needs and make history by burying The Deadman's impressive accolade at the Granddaddy of Them All?

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