Kane def. King Booker

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February 18, 2007

The mind games between Kane and King Booker came to a royal halt at No Way Out as The Big Red Monster chokeslammed his majesty into the deepest, darkest depths of hell.

At the Royal Rumble, an eliminated King Booker re-entered the 30-man Rumble Match and, in turn, eliminated the man who tossed him: Kane. Since then, The Big Red Machine has cast a sinister shadow over Booker's SmackDown kingdom. For weeks, Booker has escaped Kane's clutches, but tonight, the two former World Champions collided one-on-one.

The star of See No Evil promised that there would be No Way Out for Booker live on pay-per-view and despite the best efforts of the King (and a frightened Queen), Kane set the Staples Center afire and left Los Angeles victorious.

After his defeat, SmackDown's royalty shared some very honest words with WWE.com of Kane's "tainted" victory.

"Kane did a lot of illegal things in the middle of the ring tonight that were overlooked by a frightened referee," King Booker said. "I'm the King and Ruler of this kingdom and as for this match, this loss… I will go to court and I will get this expunged from my royal record."

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