Diva Talent Invitational

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February 18, 2007

In the first-ever Diva Talent Invitational, The Sexiest Women on Television were supposed to display their hidden talents for WWE fans. After ECW's Extreme Exposé strutted their stuff at Staples Center, SmackDown's Jillian made her way to the ring.

Dissatisfied with the crowd reaction to her "singing", Jillian lashed out at the other Divas, claiming they had no talent. That brought the Divas out en masse, and the Diva Talent Invitational became a cat fight between the SmackDown, Raw and ECW Divas.

As the Divas battled in the ring, SmackDown's Ashley, the future Playboy magazine cover girl, entered the arena and shocked WWE fans by revealing her chest, adorned with Playboy Bunny body paint. The Miz declared what WWE fans and the other Divas already knew, that Ashley was the winner of the Diva Talent Invitational, in stunning fashion.

One person in the sold-out Staples Center was unhappy with the decision to name Ashley winner, and that was Jillian. "That was so unfair, she didn't even do anything. Look at me, I prepared my whole life for this and all she does is walk out there and take off her clothes. That is not talent."

As has been the case lately on SmackDown, Jillian is out of tune with WWE fans.

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