ECW Champion CM Punk def. Big Daddy V (DQ)

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October 07, 2007

CHICAGO -- ECW Champion CM Punk addressed his "big problem" at No Mercy, and while the resolution was a win, things didn't exactly go the way he wanted them to.

After the referee saw Matt Striker hit Punk from behind, Big Daddy V suffered his first loss since joining the Land of the Extreme when he was disqualified from his ECW Championship opportunity. Suffered, however, would be a word better fit for the Straightedge Superstar, who was busted open after a series of splashes from the behemoth that could have been felt throughout the entire Midwest.

The two Superstars first met on ECW on Sci Fi in a match that left CM Punk on the ground, victim of a count-out after being beat so badly. They have had a quiet rivalry brewing since, but it came to a head last Tuesday when Matt Striker told the champion that his student was done with him unless Punk gave him a title match. Later that evening, after Tommy Dreamer appeared to have won the Elimination Chase to No Mercy, General Manager Armando Estrada added Big Daddy V to the competition. As with all of his other contests, Daddy made the match a quick affair.

Where does No Mercy leave the Land of the Extreme? CM Punk got his win, but he still has plenty to prove. Big Daddy V still hasn't quenched his teacher's championship thirst. Sunday night could mark the climax to a great ECW rivalry, but it also might just be the beginning.

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