Finlay vs. Rey Mysterio (No Contest)

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October 07, 2007

CHICAGO -- Being a wily veteran, Finlay knows just about every trick in the book. But while his match with Rey Mysterio at No Mercy was No Contest, the irate Irishman may have added a new chapter to that already lengthy tome.

After being brutally ambushed by Finlay two weeks in a row on SmackDown, Mysterio knew he had to watch out for the wily Irishman…but he never could have expected the ending to their No Mercy clash.

As Finlay lay on the apron with his head between the ropes, Mysterio scaled the top rope and dropped a leg on the Irishman's head. Finlay fell backwards, and the back of his head smacked square onto the concrete floor.

Referee Jimmy Korderas checked on the Celtic combatant, and immediately called for the trainers. Finlay was put into a neck brace and lifted onto a gurney, and even Mysterio showed compassion for his fallen opponent. However, the entire scene was all an elaborate ruse.

As medical personnel began to wheel Finlay out, he sprung up off the gurney and clobbered Mysterio from behind. He managed to nail Rey with a few clubbing blows and a body slam on the floor before Korderas could restrain him, but the damage had been done; Finlay hadn't lost, as the match was thrown out, and it was Mysterio who was left brutally beaten.

Once again, for some reason, color commentator JBL seemed to agree with Finlay's tactics as Michael Cole vehemently questioned why Finlay did this to Mysterio. Even after No Mercy, the only one who knows that answer is the Irishman himself; but if tonight's attack is any indication, our fans can surmise that this issue is far from settled.

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