Randy Orton wins Six Pack Elimination Challenge (New WWE Champion)

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September 19, 2010

CHICAGO -- Like a snake lingering in high grass, Randy Orton waited, biding his time, until, finally, the moment arrived. He plunged his ever-dangerous fangs deep into the hearts of his opponents and, once again, coiled himself around the WWE Championship.

In the Six Pack Elimination Challenge at Night of Champions, The Viper used those fangs to slither past five of WWE's most impressive Superstars -- Sheamus, John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett -- en route to the coveted WWE Championship. (PHOTOS | THE VIPER'S LEGACY)

Orton's path to the title was hardly without obstacle. According to the rules of the Six Pack Elimination Challenge, a sextet of Superstars swarm the ring, with eliminations decided via pinfall or submission. The winner remains the last competitor standing.

During the contest, Chris Jericho was quickly eliminated by Orton with Edge following him out a while later thanks to an Attitude Adjustment from Cena. With the elimination of two Superstars, only Sheamus, Cena, Barrett and Orton remained.

Since the contest stipulations include no disqualifications, The Nexus, not surprisingly, took full advantage. With their leader struggling to oust fellow competitors, the armbanded cavalry -- Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Heath Slater and Michael Tarver -- disrupted the proceedings, distracting the oft-targeted Cena. The distraction allowed Barrett to hit the Wasteland on Cena and pin him just before the English overlord himself fell victim to an RKO from Orton and was eliminated.

And then there were two. WWE's Apex Predator and The Celtic Warrior have a sordid history with one another. Last month at SummerSlam, Sheamus retained his title over Orton, but only after losing via disqualification. In the Six Pack Elimination Challenge, however, there would be no stipulation in which to seek sanctuary. Instead, The Viper would leverage the momentum and intimidation he has amassed the past several weeks. With in his eyes narrowed and cunning, Orton struck, devastating Sheamus with a victory clinching RKO.

And with that, The Viper coiled around the WWE Championship for the sixth time in his career, solidifying his legacy in the same arena where he had secured his very first WWE Title, and ensuring that a host of Superstars will be just itching to skin him.

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