Michelle McCool wins Unification Lumberjill Match (New Unified Divas Champion)

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September 19, 2010

CHICAGO -- Michelle McCool made Divas history at Night of Champions, defeating Melina to unify the Divas and Women's Championships. Becoming the first Unified Divas Champion was an achievement Michelle accomplished with the help of her loyal best friend, Layla. Match photos

With every Diva participating at ringside as a lumberjill for this historic match, Michelle was forced to fight Melina on her own at first. Layla initially refused to assist her best friend after Michelle tricked her two nights earlier on SmackDown. But Friday night's rift was all a ruse. Layla stepped in to help Michelle when she needed it most, allowing Michelle to pin Melina for the victory. Now, Lay-Cool -- the Divas' division true queens of mean -- reign supreme with the Unified Divas Championship.

Before Night of Champions, Michelle held the Women's Title twice and was the first-ever Divas Champion, holding that title once. She's the first-ever Diva to claim both. The Women's Championship is WWE's oldest, as it was established in 1956 and first held by The Fabulous Moolah for 28 years. The Women's Title was instated seven years before the WWE Title was formed. Michelle made WWE Divas history by unifying the titles, becoming the first-ever Unified Divas Champion at Night of Champions.

More than a month earlier, Melina made a triumphant return at SummerSlam to claim the Divas Title. But Lay-Cool tormented Melina from the start, challenging her to a Unification Match at Night of Champions. Melina accepted, but under her terms -- that all of the Divas act as lumberjills at ringside -- making the fight as fair as possible. But the lumberjills weren't enough for the Latina Lovely to trump the "mean girls."

Melina's opponent was determined just two days before Night of Champions by the "flawless" plan of pulling a name out of a hat. The first draw by Kaval -- Michelle -- earned the right to fight at Night of Champions. Michelle promised to win for herself and her devoted friend. But Layla and the WWE NXT season two winner soon discovered all of the names in that hat read "Michelle." A shocked Layla vowed that her bestie would stand alone at Night of Champions -- a promise that was all a clever ruse.

Thanks to the ever-loyal Layla's help, Michelle has unified the Divas and Women's Championship to become to the Unified Divas Champion. Lay-Cool has opened a new chapter in WWE Divas history with a moment that will never be forgotten. Now that's "real talk."

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