Intercontinental Champion The Miz def. Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & Cody Rhodes

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September 16, 2012

BOSTON — In an unpredictable Fatal 4-Way Match featuring four of WWE’s most agile and athletic Superstars, The Miz overcame the odds and retained his coveted Intercontinental Championship in a most unique and unexpected fashion. (PHOTOS)

Though Mysterio and Rhodes are former Intercontinental Champions, the exciting Sin Cara certainly had a legitimate claim in challenging for the championship in Boston’s TD Garden.

The contest would also feature the first time The Master of the 619 and Sin Cara would face off as opposing opponents. The Miz certainly had the deck stacked against him — he would not have to submit or be pinned to lose — but the resilience of The Awesome One certainly worked in his favor.

The bout began with alliances forged between Rhodes and The Miz against the masked luchadores. The WWE Universe rose to their feet after the Mexican Superstars teamed up and managed to remove their opponents from the ring. But before they could wow the WWE Universe with an old school, first-hour-of-WCW-Nitro-style Cruiserweight battle, Miz and Rhodes quickly went back on the offensive.

In the early goings of the contest, the bout appeared to be more of a Tornado Tag Team Match rather than a Fatal 4-Way. However, with the rules of the match in play, it was a matter of time before Mysterio and Sin Cara locked up for the very first time in history. The unprecedented athleticism of both competitors brought back memories of the legendary rivalry between Mysterio and Psicosis.

But the two other combustible elements of the skirmish were not to be taken lightly, and the Intercontinental Champion fought to keep his title intact. Uneasy alliances were definitely evident as Miz and Rhodes would team up, only to exchange blows after and the same went for WWE’s masked marvels.

Arguably the most athletic matchup of the evening, all four competitors used their impressive agility to their advantages at every available opportunity. On opposite ends of the ring, Sin Cara took the fight to The Miz while Mysterio took down Rhodes on the outside of the ring.

As expected in a Fatal 4-Way, chaos eventually reigned supreme and every competitor fought hard for the chance to become part of history as the Intercontinental Champion. As Rhodes faced off with his arch nemesis — Sin Cara — in the center of the ring, Rhodes’ obsession with the Mexican Superstar’s mask added an unexpected dynamic to the battle.

After Rhodes failed to remove the mask, Sin Cara revealed another mask tucked away in his ring gear and attempted to cover his enemy’s face with it. Though he was unable to cover Rhodes’ face, he managed to sloppily slip a mask onto The Miz, blocking The Awesome One’s vision. The highflier’s ingenuity ultimately back-fired when Rhodes grabbed him and prepared to take out the luchador with Cross Rhodes. As the former Intercontinental Champion seemingly had another title reign within reach, a basically blindfolded Miz managed to grab hold of Rhodes, execute the Skull-Crushing Finale and win the matchup. (PHOTOS)

Defending and retaining his title against two former Intercontinental Champions and the high-flying Sin Cara, The Miz proved in front of the sold-out TD Garden that he is certainly among the elite in WWE and is a Must-See Intercontinental Champion.

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