Christian def. Tommy Dreamer (New ECW Champion)

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July 26, 2009

PHILADELPHIA -- It was Tommy Dreamer's wish to defend his hard-earned ECW Championship against Christian at Night of Champions. But the ECW Original fell to his friend in the city with the longest and most storied ECW history, the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, when Christian became ECW Champion. (PHOTOS)

Both ECW Superstars have been motivated by heart, soul and fortitude. Their Night of Champions match was extremely competitive, as Christian focused on Dreamer's neck and spine. Captain Charisma attempted a Killswitch, which was countered by Dreamer's DDT, which was ultimately countered by Christian's Killswitch for the pinfall. As Christian celebrated his victory, he was greeted by an ovation from his Peeps in the Wachovia Center, as well as a congratulatory, sportsmanlike hug from an emotional Dreamer. It was the 13th time the ECW Championship changed hands in Philadelphia, and it was certainly Captain Charisma's night to remember.

Christian was never pinned when he lost the ECW Title to Dreamer in a Triple Threat Match also involving Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules, leaving some members of the WWE Universe to call him the "uncrowned ECW Champion." Captain Charisma then earned No. 1 contendership by defeating Vladimir Kozlov on ECW on Syfy. Dreamer said he'd defend the Extreme title with honor against any Superstar, but he preferred to face Christian, the former ECW Champion who Dreamer calls a great competitor and friend. But ultimately Christian stood tall, crushing the ECW Original's dream at Night of Champions, leaving Philadelphia the new, two-time Extreme Champion.

The WWE Universe is now left to wonder: Does Dreamer regret wishing to face Christian at Night of Champions? Dreamer waited nine years to regain the ECW Championship. How long will the ECW Original have to wait to earn another chance at ECW gold, which is now fastened firmly around Christian's waist? Tune in to ECW on Syfy Tuesday nights at 10/9 CT.

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