WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Triple H & John Cena

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July 26, 2009

PHILADELPHIA — In a scene greatly resembling WrestleMania XXIV, The Viper repeated history at Night of Champions by retaining the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match against both John Cena and The Game. (PHOTOS)

It was little more than one year ago when Randy Orton maneuvered a critical victory on The Grandest Stage of Them All in Orlando, punting a near triumphant Triple H to steal the pin of Cena. Many believed that The Legend Killer could not possibly encapsulate lightning then release it so that it may strike twice at Night of Champions.

Through Pedigrees, Five Knuckle Shuffles and more, the three warriors clashed until Orton suddenly found himself helplessly locked in a Sharpshooter-STF combo. The WWE Champion tapped furiously, but before the official could determine the appropriate decision to render in this unusual circumstance, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase invaded the ring.

Interrupting the every-man-for-himself melee, Orton's minions enacted a methodical scheme to divide so that The Viper could conquer. The 12 Rounds star, battled back, however, and hoisted Rhodes upon his shoulders. This gave Orton the single opportunity he needed to slide into position and emphatically bring down Cena with an RKO. Though it also meant an Attitude Adjustment for Rhodes, Orton remained focused, further replicating his WrestleMania moment by covering Cena to wrest the three-count, just as he did in March 2008.

While The Legend Killer bested a pair of WWE's most celebrated and dogged competitors, this outcome leaves Cena and The Game -- who sought his 14th World Championship reign -- avid still to wholly requite months of torment at the hands of Orton.

Nonetheless, at Night of Champions, The Legacy was upheld. And after an eve where champions are celebrated, The Viper slithers onward with the WWE Title in tow.

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