Mark Henry def. Big Show and Kane ( New ECW Champion)

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June 29, 2008

DALLAS -- Similar to what the Land of the Extreme endured at the 2007 Draft, this year's Draft took the ECW Championship away from his home brand, as Kane was drafted to Raw. At Sunday's Night of Champions, however, the gold returned in the form of new ECW Champion Mark Henry when he pinned the Big Red Machine in their Triple Threat Match.

A late addition to the ECW Title Match, the World's Strongest Man had persuaded General Manager Theodore Long to give him a championship opportunity, which the WWE Universe saw in an AT&T Mobile exclusive video. In one of his first major moves since arriving on Tuesday nights, Long made it a Triple Threat Match for the gold.

Less than one day after Henry's meeting with Long, he was randomly selected by ECW in the Supplemental Draft. It didn't take him long to make some waves in the Extreme brand.

Kane and Big Show's rivalry has been heating up for months, but it has always been overshadowed by Henry, who forced his way into the picture with numerous attacks on the Big Red Machine, and a victory against him on ECW. Henry's undying hunger for the ECW Championship has earned him a place atop of the Land of the Extreme and should help to keep him there for a long time.

When Henry's opportunity came, he made the most of it at Night of Champions. Kane suffered a knee injury early on in the contest, leaving him outside of the ring for much of the match. After regaining his strength, the Big Red Machine put everything he had left into throwing Big Show off the top turnbuckle, leaving both giants involved in the maneuver gasping on the canvas. Henry quickly capitalized with a splash and a three-count to become ECW Champion.

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