WWE Champion Sheamus def. John Cena (Steel Cage Match)

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July 18, 2010

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Not even the impassable, entwined metal of a steel cage could keep The Nexus from interfering. The sadistic structure was meant to prevent the seven deadly sinners from involving themselves in the Steel Cage Match pitting WWE Champion Sheamus against John Cena, but the rebel group still foiled Cena's destiny as WWE Champ and allowed The Celtic Warrior to retain. (PHOTOS)

Toward the conclusion of the bout, The Nexus began to surround the ring. But before they could enter the cage, a quick thinking referee stole the bolt cutters they brought while another ref hurled the key to the cage into the audience. While this development denied Nexus entry into the structure, it also narrowed the options of the two combatants.

In the heat of battle within the cage, the match referee was knocked out cold. The absence of a ref would prove critical to Cena, who forced his opponent to tap out. Sadly, the tap would not count since it was not officially recognized.

As a result, Cena ascended up the cage walls. The Nexus, however, eagerly awaited him on the outside of the sadistic structure. While tending to their preferred target, Cena, the band of bothers mostly took their eyes off the WWE Champion, who quickly began scaling the opposite side of the cage.

After climbing the metal behemoth, Cena began his descent and attempted to drop to the floor for the win. Unfortunately for him, The Nexus were there en masse to stop him, preventing his sneakers from reaching the floor. As Cena struggled to touch terra firma, The Celtic Warrior surpassed him, having scrambled down the steel entrapment on the other side and placed his boots squarely on the ground. There was no time to celebrate, however, since Nexus chased him off in the wake of his victory. While the Irishman beat a hasty retreat, his rival stuck around to punish several members of Nexus.

Despite Cena's best efforts, The Nexus had once again thwarted his aspirations and deprived him of the WWE Championship. And once again, Sheamus was there to reap the rewards.

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