Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty def. Jimmy & Jey Uso

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July 18, 2010

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Hart Dynasty continued their reign as Unified Tag Team Champions at Money in the Bank. With the devoted Natalya in their corner, Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith defeated Jimmy & Jey Uso, who were accompanied by Tamina. (PHOTOS)

In an extremely physical match between the fueding families, The Usos came close to a win after executing the Alley-Us on Kidd. But Tamina's distraction from the apron backfired when Natalya intervened, allowing Hart Smith to lock in a flawless Sharpshooter on Jimmy Uso, who tapped out, allowing The Hart Dynasty to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships.

The Usos have been determined to prove they're WWE's most superior family and that the Samoan heritage and the Anoa'i bloodline they've been passed on is better than that of Canada's legendary Hart Dynasty. The Usos have been at odds with the pink and black for weeks, all in a quest to finally secure their first Unified Tag Team Titles. These two distinct families' competitive natures have been escalating since the Usos and Tamina debuted a few months ago.

Family warfare further intensified in recent weeks on Raw with attacks by The Usos & Tamina on Kidd, Hart Smith & Natalya. Most recently, the devious Samoans sent a strong message to The Hart Dynasty by defeating them in a Six-Person Tag Team Match. But when it mattered most, it was the dedicated Canadian threesome who proved to have the strongest family ties at Money in the Bank in Kansas City's Sprint Center. The Hart family's legacy lived on as they retained their Unified Tag Team Championships again over The Usos.

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