Kane won SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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July 18, 2010

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In a bout as treacherous and career-threatening as the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, it takes a true monster to rise above the carnage.

And that's exactly what happened tonight as the diabolical Kane powered his way through the wreckage of broken bodies and twisted steel to scale the ladder and grab the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase and the contract for a guaranteed World Title Match that comes with it. (PHOTOS: PART 1 | PART 2)

The journey to the top was a harrowing one for the former WWE Champion. With seven of SmackDown's top Superstars standing in his way, Kane had to contend with the brute strength of Big Show, the explosive offense of Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, Christian and Matt Hardy and the underhanded tactics of Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes.

Although The Big Red Machine ran roughshod over the competition, no one was safe from danger in this contest. Time and again, Superstars were tossed off ladders, thrown from the ring and, in the case of Drew McIntyre, smashed through an announce table by Kofi Kingston. But business truly picked up when The World's Largest Athlete introduced his reinforced, 350-pound jumbo ladder into the fracas. Strong enough to support more than 1,000 pounds, the huge structure became an epic battleground where eight men struggled for dominance, but only Kane stood supreme.

With the contract for a guaranteed World Title opportunity in his possession, The Big Red Monster took his diabolical mind off finding Undertaker's mysterious attacker for a moment and began plotting a move that would shock the WWE Universe. And they wouldn't have to wait long to see it.

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