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June 29, 2014

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BOSTON — The buzzards may have been circling Jimmy & Jey Uso’s trail these last few weeks, but at Money in the Bank, the WWE Tag Team Champions prevailed over Luke Harper & Erick Rowan to retain their illustrious title.


Wearing in-ring gear the color of money, The Usos were precisely that. Combating the strength and beat-‘em-up style of Harper & Rown with their signature brand of high-flying finesse, Jimmy & Jey kept the monsters at bay with numerous well-timed kicks and high-risk maneuvers. Yet when Jey Uso’s top-rope attempt was thwarted, the tag champion was sent crashing to ringside by Luke Harper, allowing the bruising Wyatt Family members to slow down the pace of the bout and keep Jey isolated from his brother in the corner.


When a tag was finally made, a fresh Jimmy Uso took the fight to Harper, and nailed both big men with Samoan drops. But the challengers roared back and a thundering Harper powerbomb to Jimmy almost spelled the end of a memorable WWE Tag Title reign. 

The Wyatts were far from done, and Harper went flying through the ropes twice, hitting both Usos on the outside before dragging Jimmy back into the ring. With both Harper & Rowan focused on Jimmy, the end seemed near, until Jey reemerged and evened the odds. 

When the action returned to the ring, Rowan climbed to the top rope, looking to make a huge statement. But The Usos countered with a double superplex that brought the capacity TD Garden crowd to its feet and sent the giant crashing to the canvas. The brothers followed up with consecutive Splashes, and Jey covered Rowan for the three-count to retain the WWE Tag Team Title.

Despite continued warnings from The Wyatt Family members that their “time was up,” at Money in the Bank, The Usos ensured that their championship reign remains in good standing. 

Watch Money in the Bank on WWE Network

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