World Champion Rey Mysterio def. United States Champion JBL

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May 21, 2006


Rey Mysterio is the biggest underdog champion in sports-entertainment history. The fans know it, JBL knows it and even Rey knows it. But somehow, some way, even after being decimated for three straight weeks by Mark Henry, The Great Khali and Kane, Rey Mysterio managed to pin JBL and continue to be an inspiration to fans everwhere as he retained the World Championship. Mysterio proved at Judgment Day that size does matter -- but it's the size of your heart that counts the most.

Throughout the entire match, JBL bullied the World Champion, flaunting his size advantage. The United States Champion repeatedly slapped Mysterio in the face and busted him wide open, embarrassing him in front of several members of his family that were sitting ringside. But Mysterio endured it all and never gave up.

Mysterio looked to be gaining momentum after hitting a 619, but when he went for the West Coast Pop, the wily JBL pulled referee Nick Patrick in the way, forcing him to take the blow. The United States Champion went on the offensive, but after Rey kicked out of a powerbomb, JBL leveled referee Charles Robinson who took over the officiating duties.

Frustration consumed JBL as he went to the outside and grabbed a chair. But before he could use his weapon of choice, Mysterio kicked the steel chair into JBL's face leaving him prone for the 619. Mysterio followed it up with a picturesque frog splash that surely made Eddie Guerrero proud, and pinned JBL to retain the World Championship. Mysterio once again overcame all odds, and his dream ride somehow continues. Chavo Guerrero, who was at the event to give Rey a pep talk before the match, came to the ring and celebrated with the World Champion, as both pointed upwards to the sky in memory of the late, great Eddie.

Mysterio is on Cloud 9 after his improbable victory, and was able to catch up with the champ after his match.

"I proved me being champion is no fluke. I had fire in my heart," said Mysterio. "JBL had disrespected me, my family and my people. This is what kept me going, making JBL pay. Every day's a dream, and when it's over, I'll have no regrets. It's been a helluva ride, but a ride I get to stay on for a bit longer."

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