Booker T def. Lashley (King of the Ring finals)

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May 21, 2006

At Judgment Day, Booker T lived up to his promise, and did just what he said he would when he defeated Lashley to become the new King of the Ring. King Booker got help from his wife Sharmell, and later from Finlay as he used a scissor kick to get the pin on the determined newcomer. However, what happened after the match may be what is remembered the most.

King Booker, basking in the glow of his controversial victory, immediately went to try on his newly won crown and robe. Moments later, a furious Lashley, realizing what happened, made his way towards Booker and the throne. Seeing Booker with the crown apparently sent the youngster over the edge, because seconds later, in one of the most memorable moments in King of the Ring history, he speared Booker and his crown through the throne, effectively putting an end to the celebration.

Just minutes after the attack, caught up with an emotional Lashley backstage. The SmackDown powerhouse, who is usually soft-spoken, was anything but that with his comments. "That felt good! He deserved it. Booker had no business winning that match, but this ain't over. Booker, you better make sure you look over your shoulder, because I could be there at any point."

Those comments will soon be put to the test. has learned that this week on SmackDown, Booker T will have his official King of the Ring coronation.

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