WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust def. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins and The Usos

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October 27, 2013

MIAMI — It was a family affair once again at WWE Hell in a Cell 2013, as Cody Rhodes & Goldust successfully fended off the challenge of The Shield’s Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins and The Usos to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. The brothers emerged victorious from a frenetic match Sunday night after Cody Rhodes pinned Seth Rollins following a Cross Rhodes.

The sons of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes looked like a well-versed cohesive unit, despite having teamed on only a handful of occasions. Goldust also further demonstrated why he deserves his spot on the WWE roster, using his veteran experience to control the early goings of the contest.

See photos from the hectic match | EXCLUSIVE: Cody & Goldust speak after their victory

The Shield made the hectic pace of Triple Threat Match rules work to their advantage, however, using quick tags to sneak into the ring and blindside their opponents. Tagging into the bout and steamrolling over Goldust, Roman Reigns put himself and Rollins firmly in the driver’s seat; the destructive duo proceeded to cut off The Bizarre One from not only his partner, but from The Usos as well, leaving him susceptible to The Shield’s all-out assault.

With Reigns taunting the veteran competitor, the WWE Universe begged for Goldust to tag in his younger brother. They got their wish as he finally reached Cody, who sprung into action with a beautiful missile dropkick. A frantic sprint among all three teams ensued, one that twice saw The Usos nearly leave Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena with the championship. Though their speed and agility continued to disorient the competition on several occasions, the anything-goes nature of Triple Threat Matches ultimately worked against The Usos on this night.

Cody capped off the mad three-team dash after suplexeing Rollins off the top rope and onto every other competitor in the match, leaving an awestruck AmericanAirlines Arena crowd with its collective jaw on the floor. Emerging from the dogpile first, The Usos looked to end the bout, but were unable to tag in and make themselves the legal men. The Shield soon knocked the twin brothers out of the ring, but Seth Rollins then turned into the staggering right hand of Goldust and took a trip down Cross Rhodes. A jubilant WWE Universe was on its feet as the official counted three, and Cody Rhodes & Goldust stood tall with the WWE Tag Team Titles still in their possession.

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