WWE Champion CM Punk def. Ryback (Hell in a Cell Match)

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October 28, 2012

CM Punk defeated Ryback at WWE Hell in a Cell 2012.

ATLANTA — Some WWE fans thought it would take an act of God for WWE Champion CM Punk to walk out of his Hell in a Cell Match against Ryback with the title still in his possession. In truth, all it took was an act of deception from the WWE Champion and a WWE official that won’t soon be forgiven.

Successfully executing a plan that could only have sprang from the twisted mind of Paul Heyman, CM Punk became the first Superstar to defeat the human wrecking ball after WWE official Brad Maddox revealed himself to be working in collusion with The Straight Edge Champion. The same referee who garnered Punk’s wrath after some questionable officiating on the Sept. 17 edition of Raw, Maddox changed the course of WWE history by low-blowing Ryback as he was about to finish Punk with Shell Shocked and then counting the pin in less than three seconds. (PHOTOS)

Never in WWE history had a referee broken the rules in such a blatant way. Many would argue his subsequent suspension was not punishment enough.

Punk and the underhanded official may have pulled of a devious plot, but both men ended up in pieces after a very angry Ryback tore apart the ref and Shell Shocked the cowardly champion on the roof of Hell in a Cell.

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