John Cena def. Big Show (Submission Match)

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June 07, 2009

NEW ORLEANS -- When a Submission Match between John Cena and Big Show was announced for Extreme Rules, the question on the collective mind in the WWE Universe was, "How do you make a 7-foot, 485-pound behemoth submit?" Cena answered that question Sunday night at Extreme Rules; using his unmatched strength and unbreakable spirit, he overcame the World's Largest Athlete, making him tap out in a match that could only be described as a battle of attrition. (PHOTOS

Going into Sunday's contest, the odds were certainly not in Cena's favor. Not only did the former World Champion have to contend with Show's crippling Cobra Clutch Backbreaker, he had to deal with the fact that it's nearly impossible to wrap one's arms around Big Show's near 500-pound frame. Cena learned this the hard way at last month's Judgment Day, when he attempted to apply his STF submission to the 7-footer three times, but failed to lock in the hold.

With this in mind, Cena knew he'd need a different strategy for this Submission Match. After suffering through a barrage of sadistic punishment from The World's Largest Athlete, the wildly popular Superstar rallied back, nailing an Attitude Adjustment and a legdrop from the top rope. When the goliath had finally been felled, Cena used the ring ropes to apply a modified STF, leaving the monster with no choice but to slam his monstrous hand down on the canvas repeatedly, once again doing what no one thought he could do.

This decisive victory was a longtime coming for the star of 12 Rounds. Big Show had been targeting him since April's Backlash, where he ruthlessly chokeslammed Cena through a 7,000-watt searchlight. While Cena was able to beat Show in a singles match at Judgment Day, the enormous Superstar refused to accept defeat and continued to assault his nemesis. Now that Cena has made Show submit, will The World's Largest Athlete once again seek revenge, or can he accept that Cena was the better man?

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