Santina Marella def. Vickie Guerrero in Hog Pen Match (New Miss WrestleMania)

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June 07, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - Though Vickie Guerrero may be the "Boss" of Monday Night Raw, she certainly wasn't the "Boss Hog" after her match with Santina Marella at Extreme Rules.

For weeks, "Santino" and "Santina" Marella have been insulting Guerrero, calling her a pig, oinking at every turn, and even using "Santino's Casa" as a way to terrorize the General Manager. And when Santino pinned his former flame, Beth Phoenix, to pick up the victory and the choice of stipulation for their "Miss WrestleMania" Rematch, it was only fitting that it be a Hog Pen Match.

But before the match could begin, Vickie entered the arena in a formal gown, and  pulled rank, bringing in her own change to the face-off: her nephew, Chavo Guerrero. Now, Santina would have to endure a Handicap Match to regain the coveted Miss WrestleMania crown.

Vickie, however, saw most of the action from the outside, with Chavo doing her bidding. But soon, Guerrero would be pulled into the mess, and endure the "slop" she got herself into. After Santina gracefully poured a bucket of mud over Chavo, the Italian Diva was able to pin the Raw GM, getting all the eggs, bacon and bling.

Vickie's night wouldn't just end in a mess within the hog pen. Guerrero's husband, World Heavyweight Champion Edge, infuriated with Vickie's choice not to offer any Raw Superstar help for The Rated-R Superstar's upcoming title match against Jeff Hardy, stormed out of the room, threatening divorce.

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