WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan def. Kane (Extreme Rules Match)

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May 04, 2014

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The smell of charred human flesh hung heavy in the air of the IZOD Center moments after the Extreme Rules Match between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Kane ended. Everyone had expected the former tag team partners to put each other through hell in this bout. Few took those words literally.

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However, it was the fires of hell that proved to be the deciding factor in this punishing encounter as The Devil’s Favorite Demon tumbled into the inferno of a flaming table — one which he had personally set ablaze — before being put down by Bryan’s running knee.

The horrifying sight of crew members running towards Kane’s flaming body with fire extinguishers defined the high drama of this vicious brawl, but it was an ugly scene from the very beginning. Aching to get his hands on The Demon who attacked his wife and attempted to end his career, Bryan ran up the entryway and laid into Kane as soon as he emerged from the back. It was an admirable display of guts from the defending champion, but it was also misguided.

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Targeting the vulnerable neck of his opponent — an injury sustained when Kane himself spiked him with three Tombstones on Raw, including one on the steel steps — the twisted Superstar laid Bryan out with a series of targeted strikes before beating on him with a kendo stick.

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It was all Kane from the get-go with Bryan occasionally rallying — a top rope Frankensteiner here, a suicide dive there — only to have his legs cut out from under him repeatedly by his onetime ally. The Demon took slow pleasure in assaulting the champion, slamming him onto steel chairs and smashing him with a kendo stick with sadistic glee. At times, it seemed as though Kane wasn’t so much interested in winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title as he was in brutalizing Bryan.

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