Dean Ambrose def. U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston

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May 19, 2013

ST. LOUIS — Justice prevailed at Extreme Rules … or, at least, The Shield’s version of it.

Representing the black-clad trio whose brutality knows no bounds, Dean Ambrose defeated Kofi Kingston to capture the United States Title, giving The Shield its first taste of championship gold in WWE. Neither Seth Rollins nor Roman Reigns assisted Ambrose in accomplishing this impressive feat.

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Ambrose’s technical mastery was on full display in front of a sold-out crowd packed inside St. Louis’ Scottrade Center, keeping the high-flying “Wildcat” grounded throughout much of the bout. Ultimately, however, the most voracious “Hound of Justice” felt the brunt of Kingston’s S.O.S. maneuver and the devastating Trouble in Paradise, which laid out the unhinged challenger at ringside.

Arguably, it was Kingston’s sense of sportsmanship that sealed his fate, as the three-time United States Champion dragged a prone and dazed Ambrose from the outside of the ring through the ropes, preventing his justice-seeking foe from being defeated by count-out. After finding his bearings, Ambrose avoided yet another Trouble in Paradise, catching Kingston off-guard and driving the defending champion’s head into the canvas for the three-count.

Since their controversial debut at Survivor Series 2012, The Shield has wreaked havoc in WWE, targeting the likes of John Cena, Team Hell No and even The Undertaker. Yet at Extreme Rules, the rogues left their greatest mark yet, not only capturing the United States Championship, but also the WWE Tag Team Titles when Rollins & Reigns felled Team Hell No.

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Emerging from the chaos of Extreme Rules with championships clasped around each of their waists, The Shield looks toward the next phase of their contentious quest for justice. As the group continues scheming in the shadows, the WWE Universe can only guess when “The Hounds of Justice” will make their next move.

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