Brock Lesnar def. Triple H

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April 22, 2013

Turns out Brock Lesnar was every bit at home within a steel cage as Triple H was. The towering Superstar who thrived in the octagon as the UFC Heavyweight Champion not only reasserted his dominance within the cold embrace of a cage, but also may have ended his war with The King of Kings in a grueling contest that truly embodied the extreme in every way.

Photos: Brock and The Game collide in the cage

All this is not to say that Lesnar ran away with the bout by any means. In fact, The Game didn’t bother waiting to take the fight to Lesnar, ambushing The Anomaly from behind during Brock’s entrance and slamming him headlong into the cage wall, following that up with a top-rope strike that left Lesnar reeling.

And then the bell rang.

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