Randy Orton def. Big Show (Extreme Rules Match)

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May 19, 2013

ST. LOUIS — The Viper, Randy Orton, delivered a truly hardcore bite in front of his hometown crowd, triumphing over an irate Big Show in an Extreme Rules Match at the tumultuous pay-per-view of the same name.

Watch Orton talk about defeating Big Show in his hometown

As the action got under way, Big Show asserted his dominance, taking two different Kendo sticks from his serpentine opponent and breaking them over his knee. The Viper roared back, utilizing the steel ring post against the giant. But when Orton tried to follow up with a ladder attack, Big Show kicked back the rungs with his larger-than-life boot.

Using his massive size to his advantage, Big Show took charge, eventually propping up the ladder on top of two chairs and then setting Orton on top of the mountain of steel. But when Big Show tried to drop at Orton from the second rope, Orton moved, sending his adversary crashing onto the excruciating concoction. In spite of this, when Orton hit the follow-up RKO, Big Show kicked out!

WWE’s Apex Predator unleashed a brutal chair assault, but Big Show countered with the spear. Despite that, Orton came back yet again, hitting a second RKO onto the steel chair! When that miraculously wasn’t enough to beat the giant, The Viper finally finished off his gigantic prey with a punt to the head for the three-count.

The fuse was lit on the personal showdown between WWE’s Apex Predator and the giant when — after vouching for Big Show in the Six-Man Tag Team Match against The Shield at WrestleMania — The World’s Largest Athlete KO Punched Orton and his other partner Sheamus just seconds after they fell short of a Show of Shows victory. Big Show blamed the loss to “The Hounds of Justice” on both Orton and The Celtic Warrior. Orton believed, however, that because he pushed for the gigantic Superstar to be part of the team in the first place, it was his responsibility to pay his attacker back in full. 

In the weeks that followed, the nine-time World Champion fell prey to numerous attacks by The World’s Largest Athlete. Never to be outdone, though, The Viper struck back, most recently scoring a giant-size tag team victory over Big Show, Mark Henry & Jack Swagger on SmackDown — paving the way for their volatile Extreme Rules Match where disqualifications and count-outs would not be an option.

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