Will The Anomaly navigate a cagey transition?

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April 27, 2013

It took Brock Lesnar three matches and a tumultuous year under two separate WWE contracts, but on May 19, The Anomaly may finally feel at home for the first time since returning the squared circle. That’s because at Extreme Rules, the 266-pound destroyer will face archrival Triple H inside the confines of a steel cage. While Triple H may have more experience competing in WWE cages, Lesnar has a much different perspective.

The flesh-tearing tendencies of chain-link fence might not offer Lesnar the same solace as the woodlands of Jackson Hole, Wyo., but there is little reason to believe the burly bruiser and his adviser Paul Heyman were anything but calculating in demanding Lesnar vs. Triple H III take place in a cage. “The Beast Incarnate,” after all, saw an eight-sided cage fight or two during his eight-year sabbatical from WWE, during which he ascended the heavyweight ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championship faster than any other competitor in the history of mixed martial arts.

Who will benefit more from the steel cage: Triple H or Brock Lesnar?

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