Lashley won the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match (new ECW World Champion)

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December 03, 2006

On the ECW new breed's first solo pay-per-view event since its debut on Sci Fi, the newest Extremist Lashley emerged from the first-ever weapons-filled Extreme Elimination Chamber with the ECW World Title. Flooring the World's Largest Athlete and outlasting four of ECW's top competitors, this one man accomplished a very extreme mission.

"ECW is the real deal," proclaimed the exhausted yet elated new champion. "Being in that chamber was threatening and dangerous enough, and on top of that, I had to fight off the toughest -- and largest -- athletes in the world." He added, "This isn't a regular championship I won -- it is extreme."

Earlier in the night, Sabu was found laid out in the locker room area and a seemingly concerned Paul Heyman substituted the stretchered ECW Original with Hardcore Holly. Later, Big Show, Holly, Test and Heyman all made their way to the ring in the locker room area and it became apparent that it was all a scheme to flank the ECW World Champion by Heyman's trusted henchmen.

The crowd in Augusta, Ga. anxiously watched as the 10-ton steel structure was lowered from the rafters over the ring. Within minutes, they would witness an unbelievable confrontation between six of the new breed's finest in an every-man-for-himself encounter.

The most controversial main event in ECW history commenced with two embittered rivals in Rob Van Dam and Hardcore Holly. The two traded blows while the other four participants looked on from within their separate holding pods. Every five minutes thereafter, each combatant entered the melee with the unique weapon stowed within their pod until all six men had made their way into the ring.

The first man to join the fray was ECW fan favorite CM Punk who emerged from his pod with a steel chair, followed five minutes later by Test who bore a crowbar. After lighting up his opponents with high energy attacks, Punk's chair was ultimately used against him by the hardcore veteran RVD. Van Dam flattened the straight-edge Extremist with a Five-Star Frog Splash for the pin.

Though disappointed about the loss, Punk was met by a respectful ovation from the Georgia audience. Directly after he made his way through the curtain, Punk described his experience in the main event.

"I could've prepared by watching all the tapes in the world and could've battled [my opponents tonight] all a billion times; it still wouldn't have prepared me," Punk said. "They call that thing Satan's playground for a reason."

With Punk eliminated, Van Dam faced a double-team effort by Holly and Test as Heyman shouted instructions to his hired hands. Suddenly, Test exploded into his cohort Holly with a ferocious big boot to the face and eliminated the Alabaman by pin. This would be enough for RVD to mount a brief but fiery offense on ECW's Impact Player.

However, RVD attempted to finish off Test and mistakenly scaled the wrong corner -- that of Big Show. With the Extreme Giant grabbing Van Dam's leg, Test dropped RVD to the mat and followed through with a savage elbow drop from the top of Show's pod, finishing RVD.

Following his defeat in the Chamber, Van Dam spoke in brief with

"I can't imagine it getting much more brutal than that," said RVD. "Everyone's hungry for the same goal: the ECW World Title. That was just a f****** brutal match."

Just Test was left standing and the ruthless competitor waited for the next opponent -- who would be revealed as Lashley. Before he could make his way into battle, Heyman's Private Security force took out referee Mike Posey before he could release Lashley from imprisonment. Locked within his pod with his table, Lashley was furiously eager for action and sought escape. Even with his incredible strength, it took Lashley's uncanny force as well as his weapon to crash through the steel roof of his Chamber pod, enabling him to enter the match.

Lashley speared his way through Test with minutes to spare before the entry of his final and most formidable foe, Big Show. The menace of the 500-pound Big Show was even greater as the dominant champion wielded a lethal barbed wire bat coming into the bout. Lashley used the steel chair to shield himself from Show's attack and even reversed an enormous chokeslam to stay in the match.

It was ultimately a spear from Lashley that had enough velocity to bring the colossal champion to the mat and enable the challenger to gain the victory. While Heyman looked on in disbelief, Lashley embraced his newly attained ECW gold and the ECW fans received their new champion on the biggest night of his young career.

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