The Hardys def. MNM

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December 03, 2006

ECW fans attending Augusta's sold-out James Brown Arena were on their feet throughout much of The Hardys' contest against MNM. Unfortunately, neither Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, nor Melina could say the same by the conclusion of the match, which saw Team Extreme emerge victorious.

The former three-time WWE Tag Team Champions had been steadily upping the ante in the week since The Hardys issued their open tag-team challenge at the December to Dismember press conference. After ambushing Matt and Jeff at ECW on Sci Fi the following night, they knocked off Paul London & Brian Kendrick—the tandem that defeated them for the WWE Tag Team Championship at last May's Judgment Day—in a non-title match on SmackDown. Mercury and Nitro certainly had reason to feel confident as the paparazzi snapped them strutting arm-in-arm with Melina down the ramp. But it was the five-time World Tag Team Champion Hardys, regardless of their WWE Superstardom, who clearly held the ECW crowd's favor for the night.

High-flying offense—plus stereo top-rope superplexes from The Hardys—took center stage as both sides battled to gain the advantage. Melina did her best to turn it into a handicapped match, interfering early and often, until Jeff dodged a Nitro dropkick that, to the crowd's chants of approval, knocked the screeching Diva off the apron.

Still, it almost looked like MNM's reunion would be a successful one, especially after double-teaming on Jeff and delivering their Snapshot finisher. Matt raced in and broke up the pinfall, however, then saved his brother again just as Mercury and Nitro prepared to deliver a Super-Snapshot off the top rope. The crowd erupted as Matt delivered a double-neckbreaker on Nitro and Mercury, setting up Jeff to hit a double Swanton Bomb and grab the three-count.

"I know in their heads that Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro felt like they were the greatest tag team, but Jeff and I felt different," Matt Hardy told moments after the huge win. "It was nice to come into ECW's December to Dismember and knock them down a notch."

Jeff concurred with his brother. "There was a lot of hype going into the match about who the better team was. Being the older of the two teams, it felt good for Matt and myself to go in there and still feel like we can roll with the younger guys. I'm very proud of what we just did."

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