WWE Friendship Horoscopes

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

Sometimes all we need is to someone to talk to – as sweet and simple as that. The Taurus friend offers you reassurance and a chance to relax. Ring up a Taurus, like John Cena, and they’ll be quick to grab a slice of pizza or share a plate of nachos as you chat about the latest wrinkle at work or the hilarious, new, viral cat video. These trustworthy individuals don’t have an “angle” and aren’t looking to exploit anyone. They’re just genuine friends. Period.

Most compatible sign: Capricorn
Least compatible sign: Aries

Notable Superstars who share this sign:
John Cena (April 23), Aksana (April 29), The Rock (May 2), Zack Ryder (May 14)

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