Editors' Choice: Celebrities we'd like to see compete in WWE

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Every so often, you hear a celebrity talk about the challenges of his or her latest project. The weight loss, the weight gains, the intense mental and physical preparation that goes into readying their mind, body and soul for their latest artistic/athletic endeavor.

With due respect to all of these luminaries, we at WWE.com say: How about taking a Kendo stick across the back?

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Method acting for nine weeks or isolating oneself in an ashram to record a transcendental album is a toughie, no doubt about it. But there are few challenges as overwhelmingly grueling as the process that makes a WWE Superstar.

Still, though the climb from the floor to the ring is hard, there are some who might be up to the challenge. Here are eight musicians, athletes and movie stars WWE.com thinks could make the transition, and one we’re pretty sure can’t, but we’d love to see try.