Editors’ Choice: 6 Seth Rollins replacements

No one saw it coming — least of all Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose — when Seth Rollins cracked a steel chair across the back of The Shield’s juggernaut on the June 9 edition of Raw. After witnessing one brother fall victim to a premeditated act of betrayal from another, The Lunatic Fringe soon suffered a similar fate as a succession of savage chair strikes from the flak-jacketed turncoat kept him grounded. The Hounds of Justice had been put down. Triple H’s “Plan B” had succeeded. The Architect of The Shield had become its arsonist.

Since that night in Indianapolis — incidentally in the same building where the trio made their WWE debut — the WWE Universe has struggled to put the pieces together. As we wait for Ambrose and Reigns to make their next move in the wake of Rollins’ treason, we wonder: If The Shield were to replace Rollins with a new third member of the group, who should they choose? WWE.com’s editors picked six hypothetical Hounds of Justice that we’d like to see join the ranks of the black-clad rebels. 

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