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December 26, 2012

Scotty 2 Hotty was one of the most popular performers during WWE’s Attitude Era. As one-half of the hip hop duo Too Cool, the breakdancing master had them hanging on his every move as he hopped around the ring, getting ready to attack his unsuspecting foes with The Worm. (CLASSIC PHOTOS | CURRENT PHOTOS | VIDEO PLAYLIST)

Today, though, Scott Garland will have to cut back on his electric boogaloo as he prepares to begin training for his new career as a firefighter.

It will be a major career change for the man who dreamed of becoming a WWE Superstar since  watching his first wrestling show during his childhood in Westbrook, Maine.

“From then on, I was pretty much hooked,” he said. “It was all I ever wanted to do.”

As a teenager, Garland and his friends would hang around the civic center in Portland when WWE came to town, getting to the arena even before the crew that set up the ring for the evening’s events.

“We got to know [the ring crew]. We’d go watch and help them set up the ring,” Garland said. “They would say, ‘OK guys, I’m going to take off for 15 minutes and go get something to eat. I didn’t say you could get in the ring, but I’ll see you in a little while.’ “

That wink-wink from the crew was all the encouragement Scotty and his friends needed to hop in the ring and fool around. In the middle of an arena that would soon be packed with the WWE Universe, they got to act out some of their biggest fantasies.

“Literally, a WWE ring was the first I ever stepped foot in, which is pretty cool,” Garland said.

The fun didn’t last too long, as security would eventually end up removing the teens from the building. However, it was those trips to Portland that set him on the road to becoming a Superstar. A local promoter came by one day to watch how a wrestling ring was set up, and see if he could do the same with a boxing ring he bought. He saw Scotty and his friends in the ring and approached them about competing on his shows.

A few months later, Scotty was in the squared circle for his first match, on Thanksgiving night 1989, in front of a sparse crowd.

“He ran against Survivor Series,” Scotty joked. “It wasn’t a smart move on his part, but it gave us a start.”

From there, he began meeting other wrestlers, who got him spots on shows in New England. One of those connections helped him achieve his dream.

“I met a guy named Phil Apollo, who was working as an extra for WWE at the time,” he said. “One day, he called me and said they were looking for more guys.”

Only a junior in high school, Scotty began appearing on WWE television in 1991 as Scott Taylor. Though he never came out on the winning end of things against Superstars like Yokozuna, The Berzerker and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (WATCH), the experience was unbelieveable.

“It was awesome,” he exclaimed. “I’d go do TV tapings with Hulk Hogan, Sid Justice and The Undertaker. Then, two days later, I’m sitting back in science class.”

He eventually became one of WWE’s go-to journeymen, joining the ranks of grapplers like The Brooklyn Brawler and Barry Horowitz. WWE officials soon realized that Scotty was a reliable hand, and would ask him to fill in on Live Event tours when Superstars were hurt or couldn’t make a show.

After six years of working at WWE TV tapings, Garland seemed to be on the verge of catching a break in the business, though it wasn’t where he expected it to be.

“Either Tazz or Tommy Dreamer called and said they wanted to give me a tryout in ECW,” he said.

He went to the tryout, wrestling Tazz twice that weekend, and was invited to join the extreme outfit, but checked in with WWE a few days later.

“WWE offered me a job and let me know that they were trying to put together a Light Heavyweight division,” he said.

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