The Brooklyn Brawler's guide to Brooklyn

Tazz & Grand Army Plaza

Look out, if you’re not careful, this guy will suplex ya six ways from Sunday and twice on Tuesday. The hard-nosed ’hood of Red Hook must’ve done Tazz well and toughened him up to hang with the big boys in ECW. All the way down by the docks, Red Hook is known as being one of the most dangerous parts of all of New York City. But now they’ve got an IKEA and all kinds of fancy food stores. I guess that’s fitting for the former ECW Champ who was as hard to face in the ring as puttin’ together a Swedish bookcase. Who can figure that stuff out?!

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As brutal as Tazz’s style was, Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is just as beautiful. I still say it’s better than overrated, oversized Central Park up in Manhattan. Back in my romantic days, I used to love hangin’ on the Long Meadow, havin’ a picnic with my girl. Grand Army Plaza is the big main entrance to the park at its northern corner in the fancy pants Park Slope neighborhood. It’s got a pretty fountain and this big thing called the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ arch that was built all the way back in the 1800s to honor the Civil War. I ain’t no history buff, but Tazz sure was involved in some civil wars in his time, including as part of 2001’s Invasion by WCW and ECW. Get a slice at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and enjoy the view.

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