The Brooklyn Brawler's guide to Brooklyn

Hey, remember me? It’s The Brooklyn Brawler. For 30 years I’ve been locking up with all the greats in WWE rings, and for 30 years WWE has refused to take Raw across the East River from Manhattan to the greatest city in the world: Brooklyn, N.Y. Finally, after all this time, WWE is bringin’ a real-life Raw show to where the real New Yorkers live, the County of Kings. And if anyone knows a thing or two about bein’ a king, it’s me, The Brooklyn Brawler.

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So let’s get ready for Raw at the sparkly new Barclays Center on world-famous Flatbush Avenue, right around the corner from the famous Brooklyn Academy of Music. Allow me to guide you through my hometown. We’ve got a lotta history, the best pizza and the toughest fighters. Think you know New York City? Think again. This ain’t Broadway. This is Brooklyn.

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