10 most monstrous tag teams

#9 The Masters of The Powerbomb

Unhappy with annihilating opponents on their own, Sid and Vader decided to join forces in 1993. Their goal? To rid WCW of Sting once and for all. The destruction of anything or anyone who dared to get in their way was merely collateral damage.

The brainchild of their managers, Harley Race and Col. Robert Parker, the pair dubbed themselves The Masters of the Powerbomb, for their common signature move. The monsters powerbombed hapless foes for weeks as they prepared to take on The Stinger and British Bulldog at Beach Blast ’93.

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However, Sid and Vader’s first match against the heroes went about as well as their attempt to blow Sting up on his boat. Their follow-up bout at Fall Brawl ’93 followed a similar path. Can’t fault them for that, though, as they were probably too busy laughing at the opposing team’s Shockmaster.

Despite their tenuous record in the ring, Sid and Vader ‘s ability to intimidate was enough to send plenty of potential opponents running in fear.