The 10 best entrance pyro displays

Just as the denizens of Metropolis and Star City have a tendency to look up, in the sky, to maybe catch a glimpse of their superheroes, people all over the United States will be doing much the same on the Fourth of July. Of course, they’ll be doing so to get a gander at any number of the thousands of spectacular fireworks displays that will light up the skies to celebrate our country’s independence.

But Independence Day isn’t the only time of year when fireworks take center stage. In WWE, fireworks — well, technically, they’re pyrotechnics — are par for the course, and have become as recognizable as the Superstars themselves.

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Over the years, pyro has become an indelible part of sports-entertainment; an expected and much-loved spectacle as entwined with the squared circle as headlocks and drop toe-holds.

Countless performers have been heralded into the ring by pyro displays, but the following are the 10 best pyro entrances in WWE history.